As we enter the Festive season and begin to say goodbye to 2016 and start a new year, proposals are going to be the top of every Christmas wish list!

If you are lucky enough to get engaged over the next few weeks, understandably you are going to be bursting with excitement to share your news with the whole world, and why shouldn’t you? We aren’t going to suggest you don’t but there are few things that you may want to consider before you do…

Proposals and Engagements

We all see post after post on social media of the ‘soon to be brides’ brand new enormous diamond rings, and let’s not lie we all get very jealous! However, before you make it public make sure you have told your loved ones first!

If your parents play a big part in your lives and you are close they should be the very first people you tell. If you don’t they will only go and find out through either the internet or a cousin of a friend of a friend… you know how it works!

Unless of course you already have children, either together or from previous relationships. If they are old enough to understand you should think about telling the good news to them first, after all they are going to be most affected by the engagement. Get them excited by talking all about page boy suits and pretty pink ballet shoes!

Then of course its time to tell the rest of your family and close friends! This could be the excuse you’ve been waiting for to host a party! Order in some nibbles pop open a bottle or two of champagne and get celebrating!

Once your parents, children and close family and friends have been told the news, its then time to make your engagement public and share with your social media family! It’s now your time to upload your very own ‘ring selfie’.

Not everyone is into social media and therefore you may have alternative views with sharing your engagement with the world, but if you do decide to do so, we would just advise you to perhaps follow our advice beforehand… best to keep everyone happy!