Are you experiencing difficulty finding that perfect dress you always dreamt of? Perhaps our top tips may guide you in the right direction…

When it comes to choosing your wedding dress it really should be an unforgettable experience, after all this is the dress you’re going to be walking down the aisle in. However, often we come across endless stories of bride’s finding the experience unbearable. This could be down to the following factors; from uncooperative bridal shops, unflattering samples, expensive and overpriced tags and the overall build up of expectations that just cause one big headache!

So, its time to put these stresses aside and make a start by doing a little research into what style best suits you and emphasises your assets! Don’t forget, it’s your day and all eyes are on you! My number one guide to ‘finding your perfect wedding dress’ is from ‘Rock my Wedding”. The reason I love to browse this site, is because it gives plenty of examples with explanations of various different dress shapes, materials, lengths etc best suited to flatter your body shape.

Perfect Wedding Dress

Next, you must work out your price range. There is absolutely no point in looking at dresses until you have worked out what your limit is. If you don’t, you could fall in love with a dress above and beyond your desired price! This will only leave you feeling disappointed. Once you have finalised a sensible budget you can then begin your ‘Wedding dress’ journey…

REMEMBER: Find the right style and material and work out a sensible budget! Eliminate the stress, and make it nothing but a positive and memorable experience!


As part of our ‘full planning service’ we can advise you of bridal dress designers and boutiques that will be best suited to you and your budget. We can arrange appointments and fittings and if you’d like some extra support we can also accompany you. If you would like further information of what we can offer you please get in touch with us today by visiting our contact page.

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