If you’re trying to keep the wedding budget down, you’re probably looking to eliminate unnecessary costs where possible. Even though looking your best is important to you on your big day it is possible to wow your guests without spending the big cash.

We all  have that one friend who is particularly blessed with creativity, it may be worth asking them to help you out with your styling. If not, perhaps you can do your hair yourself! You may already have a show stopping hair style in mind but why not give one a go on your bridesmaids! Below are our 3 favourite elegant, yet simple DIY bridal hair dos’…

‘Loose Curls’

Using your curling irons you can creative a relaxed but elegant do’ without any fuss and time wasting! But ensure to use plenty or hairspray to keep you looking gorgeous throughout the whole day! Get yourself a travel sized hairspray to put into your ’emergency kit’ in case of any beauty dramas on the day! Nothing a little bit of hairspray can’t solve!

‘Half up half down’

If you’ve curled your hair but it just doesn’t look quite right, don’t panic! With your hair curly you can create another style that may work better for you! The ‘half up half down’ do’ is a hair style most girls have had since the age of 5 but it’s one that will never fail to make you feel like a princess! All you will need are plenty of pins and again….hairspray!

‘The Side Plait’

This you may not find as simple as the other two styles however once it’s finished it adds a chic edge to your style! With this do’ you can keep it relatively simple by just doing a standard braid, however if you are feeling brave you may want to try something a little more adventurous… the fishtail plait.

I would always recommend having a go at these styles before your big day and even though they can be done in a short amount of time give yourself plenty of time on the day just in case it doesn’t go to plan! The benefit of these styles and why we love them so much is once they are done they are done! Just ensure you pack endless amounts of hairspray in your ‘beauty emergency kit’ and a tonne of pins.

You will be looking aisle ready in no time at all!