Our advice on how to choose your items for your very own ‘Bridal Beauty Emergency Kit’!

Over the years we have learnt that a wedding involves a lot of overwhelming emotion and unexpected situations! However, it’s no excuse not to feel and look your best throughout your wedding day. Therefore, you should always put together a list of necessities to ensure you are prepared for any situation that may arise – if you need an example to follow there are plenty of ‘Bridal Emergency Kits’ online!

Something else we have learnt from experience is that every bride is different, making it almost impossible to create one ‘kit’ list for every single bride to follow. Taking this into account any list you choose, should only be used as a rough guideline. Our tip to you, would be to speak with your loved ones as they may remember certain things that you as an individual may need – after all they know you best!

The night before the wedding cross reference your list to the items in your kit to ensure you have not forgotten anything important. This will leave you feeling confident and prepared for the big day ahead!

REMEMBER: Always try and choose travel sized items and don’t over pack unnecessarily – keep it limited!