It might be that you have booked your summer wedding already but still yet to book your honeymoon. After reading this blog you may find you want to hold off for a few months and go on your honeymoon between November and February. Here are the reasons why…

Many couples have their heart set on booking a summer wedding, particularly in July and August. However this isn’t necessarily the ideal time to go on your honeymoon travels. Not only is it hard to guarantee glorious sunshine it is also not the best time to travel to popular destinations around the world, experiencing them at their best.

The summer season is often a more expensive time to travel, and during the school holidays most resorts are over packed with children (not ideal for spending quality time together as newlyweds).

While it might be hard to shop for the necessities for your honeymoon over the winter months in England, once you get away, these destinations offer unforgettable experiences, superb weather conditions, and reasonable prices!

Our top winter destination picks are:

‘Rio de Janerio’

If you are looking for a fun packed honeymoon Brazil’s most popular city may be just the place for you. With stunning beaches, plenty of beautiful resorts and the host city of one of the biggest events of the year. It may be time to get online and book ‘Rio de Janerio’ for a honeymoon in February!

‘Caribbean Islands’

Another destination of the rich and famous, the ‘Caribbean Islands’. Each and every island has its own qualities to offer but each one has plenty of options for a romantic break. The best thing about them is you can choose a single island or a multi-island winter break with guaranteed sunshine and endless opportunities to get involved in the extreme water-sports!

‘New Zealand’

New Zealand has so much to offer all year round but it’s at its best during the English winter. With endless unique landscape, mind – blowing beaches and almost every possible adventure there is to do, from hiking, to diving and wine tasting, you will never get bored.

‘Indian Ocean’

If you are wanting to do nothing but sit on a beach with a cocktail in one hand and your favourite book in the other, then there is no other place quite like an island in the Indian Ocean. With crystal clear waters, and home to some of the most exclusive resorts and fresh seafood! Although there are lots of water sports it isn’t necessarily somewhere you would pick if you were looking to be busy the whole time. It’s a sit back and relax type of destination!