Over the years an ‘Engagement Photo Shoot’ has become almost a ‘must do’ prior to the big day. It’s not for everyone but for those who didn’t get the chance to capture the moment this is something they often like to do to add memories to their wedding album or use the photos for their ‘save the date’ cards. Here are my top tips on how to dress to ensure you feel relaxed, comfortable and the photographer is able to capture you in your most natural ways possible.

TIP ONE – Coordinate

Co-ordination is key. Whether your dressing up or dressing down you both should agree so that you balance each other out rather than having one standing out more than the other. After all an ‘Engagement Shoot’ is about you as a couple! I would also suggest coordinating your colours! Choose a colour that compliments you both!

TIP TWO – Assets

Show of your best assets. We could all sit down and write an endless list of flaws that we dislike about ourselves, but if we were honest there would be one or two features that you secretly love. Perhaps its your legs, or your eyes? If you can’t decide why not get your finance’s opinion? Whatever they may be it’s time to flaunt them!

Engagement Photo Shoot

TIP THREE – Dress for your surroundings

If your photo shoot requires you to be active outdoors or snuggled up by a cosy fire, its important you dress to compliment the setting!

TIP FOUR – Don’t hide behind dark colours!

Although its important to coordinate, if you personality is bold don’t be afraid of a bit of colour! If your partner chooses neutrals colours why not throw on a bright colour. The contrast of the neutrals against the colour will be extremely effective for the camera!

Engagement Photo Shoot


Most important of all. Be yourselves, have fun and just relax!