So your wedding day is starting to take shape, your big day is just around the corner and your friends and family are now asking the question ‘What gift can we buy you for your wedding?’ Time to put your thinking caps on, otherwise you will end up with 6 toasters and numerous bread bins! So why not create your very own perfect gift list?!

Need some inspiration making your gift list? Take a look at Here you will find some great ideas for your new home, something personal for yourselves, a cash contribution towards your honeymoon or even a donation to a charity close to your heart. The list is endless. There is no need to trapes from shop to shop because once you’ve created your perfect list all you have to do is send your guests the link to your ‘wedding shop’ page where they then have the opportunity to select from the options you have chosen.

What’s not to like? You choose your gifts and you will hopefully only end with one of everything!!