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Why Bower Events?

Are you finding organising your wedding day a little overwhelming? Or do you just need a helping hand to take care of the day itself?

At Bower Events we understand that your ‘big’ day is centred on you as a couple therefore we aim to work with you to create your very own vision of the perfect day.

Weddings can be very time consuming and quite stressful, both on the day itself and during the preceding months and weeks. Our aim is to take away those pressures and ensure that not only does your wedding day run smoothly, but the entire process becomes exciting, original and memorable.

If you think that our full planning service isn’t quite what you’re looking for but you could still do with a professional eye and an experienced pair of hands for the wedding, then our “On The Day” service may be just right for you.

You’ve probably got loads of questions – most people do. You can find out quite a bit more on our Services page, but why not get in touch and we’ll talk you through the process. We are happy to tailor our services to your needs – after all, it is your special day!

If you are thinking of hiring a wedding planner or someone to coordinate the day and either live in or want to arrange your wedding at a venue in West Sussex, East Sussex, Surrey & Hampshire then please contact Bower Events and we will be happy to talk through your wedding ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer is “It depends…”   The longer answer really comes down to several things:

  • Do you have “wedding ideas” and “wedding inspiration”?
  • Do you have the time, stamina and resolve to turn your ideas into a proper plan?
  • Can you cope with the day to day stress of turning the plan into a day to remember?

A wedding coordinator brings all of the elements of your wedding day together and helps to make your great day as stress free as possible. And, although you will pay for the service, a wedding coordinator will save you money!

The answer is a very definite “YES!”.

Setting a budget at the outset makes sure that you get the wedding you want.   Research by Brides Magazine in 2015 suggests that average figure in the UK for a wedding AND honeymoon was a whopping £24,000 by Brides Magazine.   Therefore it is vital to set your budget in advance – after all, 10% here or there could add up to a lot of money.

But it is of course possible to spend a lot less money on the perfect wedding and we’ll help you get the best wedding day on a budget.

We tailor our bespoke wedding services for each of our customers – there really is no such thing as a “one size fits all” wedding solution.

In the end it really depends on what the happy couple needs on their wedding day.   Our “on the day wedding management” service actually starts weeks before your wedding day and we will agree everything with you well in advance and make sure that we take care of everything you can think of – no matter how big or small.   As a result, we know that your wedding day will go smoothly.

Making sure that you get what you want, when you want it and for a price that is within your budget is absolutely vital to make sure that the wedding day goes smoothly.

We are more than happy to work with your own suppliers if you have already got something in mind, but most of our customers actually get better quality and often save money using our recommended wedding suppliers.   We often recommend suppliers in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire.

Although they sound almost the same they refer to two completely different things:

Wedding Stylist
It’s all about your hair and a vital part of your wedding arrangements. A really good wedding hair stylist can make a huge difference to the way you look and feel on your special day.   As a result Bower Events would be happy to recommend a good wedding hair specialist for your wedding day – it would be our pleasure!

Wedding Styling
Is all about the look and feel of the wedding itself.   Do you want a themed wedding?   Good examples could be an historical wedding, a musical wedding, a colourful wedding or just a classic wedding.   Do you already have any table styles, room styles, flower arrangements in mind?   Most noteworthy of all – do your wedding style ideas actually fit together?

Whether you need wedding style advice or really good wedding hairdresser, we’re happy to be able to help.

About 37% of weddings are held in a church in the UK which means that 63% of them are held elsewhere (often referred to as Approved Places).

Wherever you hold your wedding ceremony itself, you will of course be thinking of arranging a wedding reception.   Wedding venues in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire range from cosy and intimate to truly impressive and imposing.   Each venue will have a price that will probably be the single largest item in your wedding day budget.

Indeed, if you can get persuade someone to lend you a large garden then you might even consider a Marquee Wedding.   Marquee Weddings can be held at formal venue locations too, but have become popular in recent years as many people in the South East of England have large gardens, perfect for an intimate marquee setting.

In conclusion, no matter which venue you chose, we can make sure that all the elements of your wedding day come together smoothly.

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